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Welcome to Phaeton Solutions

Phaeton Solutions is a leading application Engineering Consulting firm in the Washington, D.C. metro region specializing in Management Services, Technology Solutions and Facilities Services.  We partner with and assist Federal, State and local government agencies; private sector Energy Services Companies (ESCOs); and Commercial entities in the design and implementation of their various Engineering and Technology related projects.  We are able to leverage an engineering team with proven technology industry experience that resulted in multi-million-dollar contracts within federal government, state & local government clients.  Contact us so we can learn more about your program or project objectives!

What We Do

Phaeton Solutions is a full service Engineering Consulting firm providing customized services that address complex problems for Federal Government, State & Local Government, and Commercial clients.

Our core services include:

  • Technology Solutions

    • Network & Communications Equipment

    • Managed IT Services

    • Systems Integration

  • Management Services

    • Strategic Planning

    • Program Management

    • Administrative Support

  • Facility Services

    • Strategic Planning

    • Operations & Maintenance

    • Construction Management

    • Energy Conservation Measure

Who We Are

Our team is comprised of innovative and creative technical consultants with expertise across a wide range of industries & domains.

We partner with our clients to deliver innovative solutions to assure mission success.  We leverage a wide breadth of experience and partnerships to provide innovative engineering solutions and services to mitigate our clients most challenging projects.

We are introspective about our services delivered to clients and we constantly strive to find new ways to improve.

Who We Serve

Phaeton Solutions serves Federal Government, State & Local Governments, and Commercial clients to meet their mission critical systems and project success. 

We leverage a rigorous vendor agnostic methodology which enables us to maximize client project objective success.  Regardless of your Industry, our target is minimizing detrimental impacts which drive up cost, time-delays, and dissatisfaction with deliverables.

Our laser focus on clients success is what differentiates us.

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