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The old, reactive way of manually operating networks just won’t cut it anymore.  AI is the answer, and Mist is the leading the charge for the AI for IT™ model.  By bringing much needed automation and insight to IT, Mist saves time and money while ensuring the best wireless experiences.

MIST Platform

Mist enables wireless to be deployed and operated as a service from the Mist Cloud.  Current subscription services include:

  • Wi-Fi Assurance

  • Wired Assurance

  • Premium Analytics

  • Marvis Virtual Assistant

  • User Engagement

  • Asset Visibility

MIST Enterprise at Home

With the explosive growth in employees working from home (i.e. telecommuting), it has never been more critical to transition to the AI-Driven Enterprise from Juniper Mist.

  • Mist Wi-Fi for Remote Workers

  • Extending the Enterprise with Mist Edge

  • Juniper Connected Security with Mist

MIST Digital Workplace

AI-driven wireless is critical to the success of digital workplaces.  It not only allows a workforce to communicate, interact and transact seamlessly, but it provides the automation and insight required to scale your network efficiently with the soaring numbers of mobile and IoT devices.

  • Customizable Wi-Fi Service Levels

  • Guest Wi-Fi

  • Integrated Help Desk

  • Real-time wayfinding

  • Real-time proximity notification and alerts

  • Detailed Analytic

  • 100% Programmable via Open APIs

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